Hey KAYSERheads! Great news! We will release our upcoming album entitled "Read Your Enemy" on Listenable records early 2014. It feels amazing!


The Master is done. Promotion here we come!

Happy new year everybody!

KAYSERs album i being mixed!

We had a lot of setbacks but now everything is on the right track!

This will be Kaysers best album so far.


Rythm guitars for the new album is done! Bass is done.

This weekend Spice will enter Ladahland studios to lay down some vocals.

Check this video out!


Check it out!

Hello 2012!

First of all, welcome to the new KAYSER website

At the moment  we are working hard in the studio.

Guitars is set to be recorded in February!

It sounds great!


September '11

Here we go: KAYSER is back! The slumber is over and it feels so great to be alive again!

So what’s there to say about the long silence? Simply put, we went a bit astray with some stuff and needed to take the time necessary to get things sorted out. Mainly in our own heads but there’s also some politics to it when it comes to a certain record label.

We’ve been rehearsing for a while now and the vibe is amazing. We’re enjoying writing new music, playing the old stuff, hanging out together and just to be rolling again.

The main part of the next album is written and we’re putting finishing touches to the material at this point. We haven’t decided on when to enter the studio yet but it’ll absolutely be in the near future.

Closer at hand is that we’re playing our first gig in a very long time on Saturday 9/24 at Industribaren in Varnamo Sweden. Excited? Damn sure we are! Again, we are back!

Keep checking back for further news and updates.


March '08

Back home again after an amazing tour. We played some awesome shows throughout Europe which wouldn't have been near as amazing without the mighty and excellent Volbeat. A big thank you to the guys: Michael, Thomas, Anders and Jon for making us feel very welcome. You set a great example on how to go about things. Also a big thank you to the Volbeat crew for helping us out in different ways. Finally, thanks to YOU who attended!

Even though the tour was a small one we experienced the "usual" crazy stuff on the road, like having the breaks of our van falling off in central Paris... Anyways, we have tons of photos and live footage that we intend to update our pages with over time so keep looking out for it. We have more news coming your way in short so until then, cheers!


November '07

Due to logistical problems the planned tour in October didn't happen. But for the better we're going to hit the road in February! More gigs with Volbeat than in October which totally rocks. We'll also be headlining some shows. The confirmed dates are as follows:


14.02.2008 ANTWERP (B) Hof Ter Lo
15.02.2008 AMSTERDAM (NL) Melkweg
16.02.2008 BOCHUM (D) Zeche
17.02.2008 MUENCHEN (D) Backstage
18.02.2008 JENA (D) F-Haus
20.02.2008 TBA
21.02.2008 LONDON (UK) Underworld
22.02.2008 PARIS (FR) Nouveau Casino

More dates will be added so keep checking back!

On a side note, we are in the midst of writing for a new album. Next week we'll start up the entire process on rehearsing new stuff and throwing ideas around. So, a tour and new songs on the way... How about that?

May '07
Kayser are going to do two gigs in Helsingborg this summer: July 14th - Rockhimlen Festival Heden
July 27th - Tumstockfestivalen

December '06
Hey people!
We've been quite busy lately getting the ship rolling. Here's what's up: First of all we've started a collaboration with GoDownBelieving booking agency
(www.godownbelieving.com ). They will from now on handle the booking duties for us and we're looking forward to a rewarding collaboration.
In addition to this we're very proud to announce our first tour. We'll be hooking up with Ektomorf and Blinded Colony for an extensive European trek starting on February 1st and wrapping up on March 10th. Here's how it's going to come down (with a few more dates to be added soon).

Main support: KAYSER
Support: Blinded Colony

Presented by METAL HAMMER, Metal Inside.de

01.02.2007 AUGSBURG (D) Musikkantine
02.02.2007 LINDAU (D) Club Vauderville
03.02.2007 STUTTGART (D) Universum
04.02.2007 PIRMASENS (D) Quasimodo
05.02.2007 ESSEN (D) Turock
06.02.2007 DARMSTADT (D) Steinbruch Theater
07.02.2007 BERLIN (D) K17
08.02.2007 PRAGUE (CZ) Bordo Club
09.02.2007 JENA (D) F-Haus
10.02.2007 EISLEBEN (D) Wiesenhaus
11.02.2007 BIELEFELD (D) Movie
12.02.2007 FLENSBURG (D) Roxy Concerts
13.02.2007 HAMBURG (D) Logo
14.02.2007 ARNHEM (NL) Goudvishal
16.02.2007 FREIBURG (D) Crash
17.02.2007 LUZERN (CH) Sedel
22.02.2007 OBERMARCHTAL (D) Kreuz
23.02.2007 NORDHORN (D) Scheune
24.02.2007 BRUSSELS (BE) Magasin 4
25.02.2007 NOTTINGHAM (UK) Junktion 7 **
26.02.2007 GLASGOW (UK) The Barfly **
27.02.2007 DUNDEE (UK) The Doghouse **
28.02.2007 LEEDS (UK) Josephs Well **
01.03.2007 STOKE-ON-TRENT (UK) The Glebe **
02.03.2007 LONDON (UK) Camden Underworld **
03.03.2007 KOELN (D) Underground
04.03.2007 WACHENROTH (D) Toxicity
06.03.2007 BRATISLAVA (SK) Randal Club
07.03.2007 WIEN (AT) Arena
08.03.2007 GRAZ (AT) Orpeum
09.03.2007 VILLACH (AT) Volkshaus Landskron
10.03.2007 SALZBURG (AT) Spring Metal Festival


Last but not least: We've added a new song in the Media section. “Evolution” is taken from “Frame the world…Hang it on the wall”. Check it out if you haven't already.

Can't wait to get out on the road! Hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New one!


Even more reviews. Check out the Review section to see the amazing feedback for yourself on "Frame the world...hang it on the wall".

November '06
Review section's updated!

October '06
The moment you've all been waiting for is here! The new album "Frame The World... Hang It On The Wall" has been released! You've got to check this masterpiece out! You can read about it in the Reviews section. Don't forget to listen to the brand new song "Lost in the mud" on Kayser's MySpace site.

September '06
New band member! After months of searching the circle is complete! The Helsingborg bassplayer Ewil Sandin joined the Kayser ship! Ewil is great an fits the band perfect! Photos will be added soon.

Also welcome to the new Kayser website! Many things have happend the past year and many updates had to be made. Check out the Band section and the Media section! Brand new promo pictures are up and pictures from our Italian visit at the Evolutionfest have been added as well!

The “Good Citizen EP" has arrived to the world! Check out this rewiew on http://www.gryphonmetal.ch/Kayser_EPc.html

The release date for our upcoming album Frame the world...Hang it on the wall has been set to October 16th 2006! The complete track listing will be:

The Cake
Lost in the mud
Not dead...yet
Turn to grey
Cheap Glue
Note from your wicked son
Born into this

This is a killer album and you can read more about it in upcoming reviews and the Disco section!

Check out our Myspace page! There you can listen to the new song "Lost in the mud" for free! www.myspace.com/Kayser1

Stay tuned for more updates!


June '06
A lil' update:
Release date for the “Good citizen EP” is set for July 3 rd . The track listing will be as follows:
Good citizen (From Kaiserhof 2005)
Lost in the mud (From the upcoming “Frame the world…hang it on the wall” 2006)
Fall (From the upcoming “Frame the world…hang it on the wall” 2006)
Good citizen (media)

Artwork for the EP is due here in short.

New photos are bound to show up in the media section soon. We rounded up a pretty nice photo session the other weekend with some pretty nice results, even with our charming looks…

We're confirmed to play the Evolution Festival (Dark Tranquility, Death Angel, Nile amongst others) in Italy on July 14-16 as previously announced and we have a pretty good set for ya. So in the neighbourhood, be sure to show up.

Release date for “Frame the world… hang it on the wall” is pending but it's bound to hit the stores early fall. The track listing consists of titles such as “Lost in the mud”, “The Cake”, “Evolution” and “A note from your wicked son” to name a few.

Stay tuned for more updates!


April '06

Allrighty then,

The ship is in. We've completed the sessions for the coming releases and as of now the final touch is being made on the mastering. The result? Absolutely awesome!! We're so pleased with how the sessions turned out and we can't wait to share it with you guys. To hear us say that we're pleased with the outcome, not too surprising perhaps… But god damn it's good!

We recorded 14 tracks at Caesar Studios with producer Richard Larsson and you'll get the first taste of it all early summer in the format of an EP entitled “The good citizen EP”. It'll feature four tracks as follows:

“Good citizen”, from the debut album Kaiserhof (2005), “Lost in the mud” and “Fall” from the upcoming full album ( due this fall), and “Propaganda” which will only appear on the EP. Furthermore the video for “Good citizen” is also going to included on the EP as a media track.

Other titles to appear on the full album are The Cake, Everlasting, Not dead…yet, Turn to grey and Evolution to name a few. The title for the album, set to be released September/October 2006, will be announced in short along with the full track listing.

To give a hint of what it all sounds like the material is best described as displaying a bit more diverse and dynamic side of Kayser, though even more focused we believe. If you're a fan of riff laden, melodic kick ass metal packed with some really awesome vocals and cool solos this is something for you. Ranging from total hammers to atmospheric moods, the songs have it all. Fear not, it's all Kayser… So prepare to bring out them beers for a real bash and head down to your local record shop when time comes! Stay tuned for more updates…

Rock hardest!


January '06

After a time of silence, here's what we've been up to:

On the 12th of February we're entering the studio to record a sequel to last years Kaiserhof. We've decided to once more hire Rickard Caesar to produce the album. The sessions will take place at his Caesar studios.

The plan is to record 15 new songs. Some of the songs will show up on an EP that will be out in June. The rest of the songs are going to be on a full-length album that is scheduled to be released in August/September.

We're absolutely thrilled to track these new songs and we're looking forward to sharing them with you. To give you some hints we can tell you that the new album is not going be the obvious second album. It's not gonna be a Kaiserhof part II and it's going to be a more diverse album than Kaiserhof was. But don't worry, it's still Kayser. Well...we'll tell you more about this later when that time comes.

Furthermore we can also tell you that there is a change in the line-up: Fredrik Finnander is out. We wish you the best with everything, and we hope you´ll get better. Kayser's new axeman is Jocke Pettersson from our hometown Helsingborg. He's an extraordinary guitarist and fits Kayser like a six-pack in the sun.

Also, Kayser is on the bill of this years Evolution Fest in Italy on the 15-16th of July.

The reviews section has also been updated with a new e-zine review by Metal Observer

Stay tuned for more updates.



October '05

"Kaiserhof" has finally received a street date in North America. The official date is the 13th of December so be sure to watch out for it. The album is going to be released through Season of Mist/Caroline Distribution. "Kaiserhof" was released through Scarlet in Europe on the 29th of June and will be released in Japan through Gencross on the 27th of November.

Review section is updated with some more new reviews.

September '05

Reviews section has been updated with more goodies. Be sure to check out the video, don’t forget!!

September '05

Video online!! The video for "Good citizen" is finally online. Check it out under the media section. Spread the word people!

August ’05

Kaiserhof will be released in Japan on November 23, 2005 through Gencross records. Kayser is pleased with the fact that the Land of the rising sun will be able to grab a bite of Kaiserhof. This edition of the disc will contain some extra goodies.

Review sections updated.

August ’05

The new site is up. Almost everything is in order. Check it out and don’t forget to post in the guestbook. Media section will be updated in short with the video for “Good citizen”.

July ’05

The video for “Good citizen” is rendered and all good to go. It has been sent to Scarlet for distribution to networks and so on. Be sure to watch out for it.

June ’05

“Kaiserhof” is released in Europe through Scarlet records.

May ’05

First reviews are in. Check this out:

Metal Hammer (I): album of the month

Grind Zone (I): 9/10

Metal Shock (I): 8/10

Mindview (Be): album of the month

Rock Tribune (Be): 83/100

Rock Hard (D): soundcheck position 7

Metal Hammer (D): soundcheck position 7

A video for “Good citizen” is recorded. The video is produced by the same team that made The Defaced’s “Once in between” and Darkane’s “Innocence gone”.

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